Thanks !

A very pleased and humble thank you ! goes out to 2 wonderful groups here on Redbubble. First, to the Fractal Perception Group, a big Thank You for featuring “Androids Under Glass”, something a little older from my gallery but very different.

I was very thrilled to have that featured because that’s one fractal that never received any attention !

And secondly, another but equally well meant though admittedly late thank you goes out to the Digital Abstracts & Patterns Group, featuring “Fare Thee Well”. …. one of my personal faves. ;-) I don’t suppose we’re should admit things like that, but there you go…. I admit it, Fare Thee Well is one of my own faves of the works I’ve done.

Again, thanks so much for featuring these images, I can’t tell you how much this means to me ! ;-)


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