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A death in the family...

I’m so sorry to have to let everyone know of a death in our fractal family here. :o( Sadly, over the weekend, Terry has passed away from stage 4 cancer. Apparently it was quite sudden and unexpected and has quite left a hole in the fractal communities here, and on other sites as well. Fractal artists and just plain friends on several sites, dA, Facebook,…aka Terry Bradford… and of course here, not to mention several that I don’t know of…all grieve for the loss of someone so talented and just so sweet.

Terry, you’ll be missed hon. May you live in laughter and Light hon. (hug)

My very deepest sympathies and condolences go to Terry’s family at this time, I hope that they can find strength to get through this comforted by their combined love for Te…

...tales from rehab & other joys ....

Hello everyone ! :)

I’ve been absent for quite a while now, well….on December 4th, I had Bilateral knee replacement surgery. Both of my knees were removed & replaced with titanium, I believe. At any rate, right now, I’m in rehab & I just thought I’d let everyone know why I’ve been so inactive as of late.

I’ve had bad knees for years & suffered with increasing pain for years….30 odd to be exact. I was in college at Kent State, when I got the brilliant idea to jump down a flight of stairs trying to catch an elevator. It seemed like a good idea at the time ! Anyhow, I missed that elevator. :oD But gained a severely torn up knee. 2 more accidents later just managed to increase it a lot. Then came marriage & a baby, & by the time…

Fractal Art Contest !!

I’d just like to let all you fractalists out there know that the Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest for 2009 is now open and accepting entries. This is a contest to select images to be shown at the International Congress of Mathematicians in India in 2010 where the winning fractals will be shown in an exhibition in order to help promote fractal and algorithmic art.

This is an important contest, in my opinion at least, as this contest is to select all of the fractal artwork that will be used in the exhibition. You’ll be able to get your work out there and shown on an international stage and what could be better than that ?!

Submissions are being accepted from now until October 10th, 2009. You can find out more information on rules, submission requirements, etc., on the link…

Thanks !

A very pleased and humble thank you ! goes out to 2 wonderful groups here on Redbubble. First, to the Fractal Perception Group, a big Thank You for featuring “Androids Under Glass”, something a little older from my gallery but very different.

I was very thrilled to have that featured because that’s one fractal that never received any attention !

And secondly, another but equally well meant though admittedly late thank you goes out to the Digital Abstracts & Patterns Group, featuring “Fare Thee Well”. …. one of my personal faves. ;-) I don’t suppose we’re should admit things like that, but there you go…. I admit it, Fare Thee Well is one of my own faves of the works I’ve done.

Again, thanks so much for featuring these ima…

A Big Huge Thank You !!

To the kind hosts over at the Digital Abstracts & Patterns Group for featuring Flight of the Meadowlark on the very first day it was posted. I’m so excited you all liked it sooo much…. you really made my day featuring it like that.

Thank you all so very very much !!!

Big hugs to all ! ;-)


I would love to say thank you ....

….. in person, to the wonderful person, or persons, who yesterday bought a card and a large mounted print of Modern Hoarfrost. I am excited and thrilled that someone liked that fractal well enough to buy it as a print & just the thought of it hanging on someone’s wall amazes & stuns me.

Thank you…. whoever you are…. thank you for purchasing my art. A thousand thank yous !

Help Save A Life Today

Today is October 13th & it just so happens to be my sister Alice’s birthday. Alice is my baby sister by about 2 years, and on May 9th, 1999, Mother’s Day, she passed away from Breast Cancer.

She had a normal mammogram in October of ‘97, found a lump in February of ’98, had her surgery in March, and passed away a year later. Alice’s cancer was a particularly swift & vicious strain & it took her hard.

Btw… I am not posting this as a bid for sympathy, more as an explanation, as I personally loathe angsty & emo filled journals.

I don’t honor my sister’s death by putting flowers on her grave on or about her death date, rather I do it around her birthday … because I’d rather celebrate her life. Alice believed in living …

Wow... I've so been featured !!!

I absolutely can not believe it… but I just signed on to discover that my fractal Modern Hoarfrost has been featured, of all places, on the Features Gallery !!! OMG !! I am in complete and utter shock !! I never, in a thousand years, expected to see that happen with one of my fractals. Never, ever. Ever.

And if I had any idea who to thank for this I would, but all I can do is offer one big, huge, gigantic thank you to Redbubble. So… thanks Redbubble !!

It Finally Happened

Well, I’m just kind of “batching” it tonight… Gary’s off doing a 12 hour shift at the cop shop. Gary, my husband, works 2 jobs, his second part time job on the weekends is as a police officer in a small town not far from where we live. Actually, it’s a township, but they do have a police force, no mayor or city council, but they do have a panel of 3 trustees that act in the same capacity.

Anyway, he’s patrolling the little country streets of Hinckley, Ohio where the Buzzards come back every spring, which is a huge big deal in Hinckley & Medina County in general. Here’s a little blurb for the curious ….

Hinckley’s Buzzards

And…. let’s see, what else ? Oh !!! That’s right…. I sold a mounted print of ̶…

What a day !!!

I’m so excited ! I received notice today that a very talented artist here on Redbubble bought a copy of "Cloud Mist Tea " as a card today. And I’m just so excited & over the moon !

Thank you so much Joan…. you made my day hon !!! hugs

And I talked to my daughter Desiree today, who is doing well in her job & as a matter of fact, just got a promotion. Which we’re all happy about. So to celebrate….though not really…. she went to the hairdresser’s & had her hair done, re-styled.

She had 10 inches cut off & donated it to Locks of Love, a non-profit organization that provides wigs to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada under the age of age 18. These children have lost their hair due to cancer …

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