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I’m just wondering what people think of my website. If you think that there is anything I can improve on.
It has been suggested that perhaps I should do packages?
Is there anything that you can think of that might make people actually ask for more info, or actually get a sale. This is and last year I hardly got any interest. Is there any sort of advertising that you can think of that I could do? i.e exhibitions. Is there anything in particular that you find sells well i.e postcards or cards?
Many thanks


  • Dawnsky2
    Dawnsky2over 3 years ago

    i think it’s great, very neat, with stunning work, well done :)

  • davesphotographics
    davesphotograp...over 3 years ago

    looks great amazing photos good layout

  • photosbytony
    photosbytonyover 3 years ago

    Laura, love the site to start with. A couple things I would consider, I didn’t see any pricing to buy the photos you have on the site. I’d have pricing for different size prints, cards, framed etc. Second suggestion is it is not clear what you get for a session, you say it includes prints but doesn’t say how many, what size etc. nor does it state what it costs for prints beyond what is included in the session price. How long is a session? A day, half day, two hours etc.? I agree with presenting different packages of time and what is included as far as prints, matted or framed etc. I’d also guarantee satisfaction in the sense if they aren’t happy with the photos after reviewing the images, you would return. A lot of things could happen on a horse shoot I would guess, weather being one, a skittish horse etc. Not an expert but that is my feedback. I’d also suggest that time of day is important as far as lighting is concerned. tony

  • George Lenz
    George Lenzover 3 years ago

    It looks professional. The second sentence in the first paragraph on the home page is redundant. You already said you do equestrian photography in the first sentence. Also, I think it’s better when you refer to yourself in the third person instead of saying I this and I that. for example on the About page:

    Laura has been interested in equines at a young age. She started riding lessons when at eleven and still continues today.

    Laura began taking photographs when she young using her mother’s camera. She then got the opportunity to take photography at AS-Level, and fell in love with photography continuing through college and university.

    While at the university Laura realized she wanted to combine her two passions in life equines and photography. This experience and knowledge has led her to where she is today.

    On your Service page I would hesitate giving a set price for a photo shoot and not mention a time limit. Is that 1 hour or 4 hours? It ok to include the prints, but you don’t mention what size they would be, or quantity. I usually just provide the final digital images (JPGs) cropped to the size they want to print, as well as a slide show on You Tube. If you include prices you have to be specific about what they are getting for the money. This is all just my opinion anyway. Your work is beautiful and I wish you the best.

    May I ask what you used to make your site? Did you have someone do it for you?

  • Thank you for the comments, much appreciated. It was wordpress I do believe the designer used. While I was studing at uni, we had a few classes with the web design team, and I got one of them to make my website for me.
    Joke De Winter

    – laurav

  • dougie1page2
    dougie1page2over 3 years ago

    nothing is moving. no one has any money to spare.

  • Rick  Friedle
    Rick Friedleover 3 years ago

    Great site!

  • Sophie Lapsley
    Sophie Lapsleyover 3 years ago

    Hi Laura, love the site and the images, I myself am at the same stage as you creating my website so have been interested in the comments. I have to agree with Photosby tony as you have some wonderful images, can you purchase these and if so in what format? Maybe you could offer cards and prints for your work on your site?? Just a few thoughts