Thank You to Blue Room....

As an artist whose forte is nude self portraiture, I am especially honored when my work is acknowledged, for the self portrait when noticed and admired, means the artist himself/herself, is admired, personally.

I thank Blue Room for this acknowledgement of both me AND my work. For honoring both my body of work and my BODY, as work, as it were.

This is one group truly worth the dropping of trou, the exposure of self, naked, the strip[ping of every material layer, the effort to take that says “Here I am. Look at me. Look at this.”

I humbly prostrate myself to everyone here for the acknowledgment. And I honor the other work and appreciate sharing in this body of talented artists.

Thank you to Paul Vanzella and pals for starting this magnificent and addictive site!

Laura Hartley


  • DarkHotel2
    DarkHotel2over 6 years ago

    …more than a pleasure to have your talents on board Laura… you are sensational!

  • SirenSong
    SirenSongover 6 years ago

    Here here…Love you Laura

    SNAPPYDAVEover 6 years ago

    You’ve got the best RB butt around LOL

  • Bill Gamblin
    Bill Gamblinover 6 years ago

    congrats to you Laura

  • jhartley
    jhartleyover 6 years ago

    way to go my love….talent truly appreciated!