First shipment of t-shirts!

Very pleased to say that the t-shirts I ordered arrived today (about one week post order)! I’d seen other shirts ordered from Red Bubble before, but it’s a different matter actually wearing your own around for a while! In particular, the printing is exceptional! The detail in the printing is impressive with lines of one and two pixel width (in the original 2400 × 3200) showing up clearly, and very fine colour gradations with minimal pixelation.

There is a slight difference in the printing process between the white and other coloured t-shirts because the white shirts don’t require an undercoat to maintain colour opacity of the print against the background. This means that the detail on the white background is impressive, and the quality of the print is ‘ink-like’, where the colour merges with the fibres rather than just sitting on top. On the darker coloured t-shirts an undercoat needs to be applied to maintain opacity. Everything is aligned perfectly in the printing, and there are no unusual colour mismatches or ‘shifted print’ effects, however the coloured areas are a little thicker (not much), the paint tends to sit on top of the fibres a bit more, and there may be occasional small flecks where the pale undercoat shows through the overcoat if it happens to be darker. Overall though, exceptional printing, better than other t-shirt prints I’ve seen, even on the darker colours.

The shirts themselves are very good quality, 100% combined cotton, fine jersey weave and extremely soft… very comfortable too… didn’t even realise I was wearing it after a few seconds because the fit is perfect. My friend has many Red Bubble shirts and they’ve been through heaps of standard wash-loads where the prints haven’t deteriorated at all, so I believe them to be of excellent longevity as well. I will be ordering more I’m happy to say! :)

The parcel comes with a quirky Red Bubble wrapper (‘Caution: contents may cause the rest of your wardrobe to seem extremely dull’), and cute little fabric Red Bubble tags (attached by mini wooden peg) with the image title and artist, and an adorable little washing instructions comment including ‘do not eat’… On the back are a few other comments regarding ‘tall people in smart shoes’, who to contact if you’re not entirely happy, info about the buyer’s booth etc. Overall the whole package is well thought out, quirky, fun, and full of the personality that makes Red Bubble special! I suspect they will make great gifts! Very exciting that they now sell kids’ shirts and onesies too! Thanks Red Bubble! :)

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