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First shipment of cards!

I’m very excited to say that I received my first shipment of cards today! I bought the cards in order to gauge the quality of printing and presentation, and also so that I could collect some images from my favourite artists :), and send some of my own images to friends and family. I’m very pleased with them!

The cards were printed on high quality fine matte card around 240-280g thickness, typical of commercial cardstock. The surface is smooth, non-glossy and non-sticky, and displays the prints in extreme detail with the full range of colours, saturation and contrasts. Comparing my original with the print side by side, the difference between them is imperceptible! Roughly 1mm was cropped from the upper and right margins of the original 4×6in image. Each card comes already perfectly folded with its own white envelope encased in a slip of thin clear plastic for protection. The presentation is very professional, and on the back of each card is the unobtrusive title of the image, artist, artist’s webpage, and I am extremely impressed! Thank you Red Bubble! :)

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