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­…….This wasn’t my own writing, but, I wanted to share it with you, because I have always been interested on why moths go towards the light…..
Love, Laura xxxx
December 28, 2011.

Some types of moths are known to migrate, and it’s possible that the night sky gives them navigational clues. A moth’s up-down orientation might depend in part on the brightness of the sky relative to the ground. Some lepidopterists (moth and butterfly scientists) suggest that moths use the moon as a primary reference point and have the ability to calibrate their flight paths as the Earth’s rotation causes the moon to move across the sky. (There is even evidence to support the theory that migrating moths have an internal geomagnetic compass system to guide them in t…

I am on Hiatus.........

Hello, fellow friends…….

I haven’t been around much on the big RB.
I am on hiatus, I am still alive, just won’t be around much.
Love you all, and I will let you know when I am back.
Hugs and love, and all that stuff……….


October 12, 2011.

Recent Features......... Thank you !!!

Here are some recent features, of which I am very Thankful for :)

I Feel So Alone, Sometimes…….
which was featured in All Out Emotion, Art and Ink so Free, and Pink Panther Magazine

Death Doesn’t Discriminate……
which was featured in Who Are You to Judge.

Cancer, You Ruthless Bitch !!!
which was featured in All Out Emotion

I Have More to Give…
which was featured in Pink Panther Magazine

Like a Moth to a Flame………
which was featured in All Out Emotion and Nirvana

Calcium Bentonite Clay
which was featured in Who Are You to Judge and All Out Emotion

Being Good, is Boring.
which was featured in All Out Emotion, Pink Panther Magazine, and Creative Talented and Unknown.

I thank all of the groups for these features, all my friends, and all those who h…

I Made it Back Home :)

Well, after two days of driving from Florida back to Texas, I AM BACK !!!!!
We had soooo much fun at the beach, and I can hardly wait to share some of my vacation photos with you !!!!!!!!!

Just relaxing for the evening after a very long drive home…… 20 hours behind the wheel.
Love you all and have missed you, I will be back on board in a day or so..,
or if I get a wild hair, ……….. maybe tonight :)

Love you my friends, it’s good to be back home xxxxxxxxx

Thank you xxxxx

I wrote a little something as a response to all the love and support you all have given me…… I wrote it as a response in Cancer, You Ruthless Bitch !!!
I felt that this response was worthy of a journal entry.
I just thank you all so much, and have been soul touched,
by your love, compliments, comments, and replys.
I am getting my soul strength back, slowly, but surely….
And, I am leaving on a 16 hour Road Trip to Florida,
tomorrow morning……… staying in a Condominium facing the “Sunset Beach” for a week.
I have my tripod and camera, my flip flops, and my journal.

I’ll be back soon…… thank you all again, with all my heart xxxxxx