Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown

Pittsburgh, United States

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Daniel DeWitt Brown, Ph.D.

My art blog is at Laughing Mantis Studio

About Me

Most of my childhood and teenage years were spent thinking I would someday be an artist of some sort. Then I had two amazing teachers in biology who set me squarely on the path to becoming a scientist. After many many years of studying and training, I finally ended up with a PhD after studying the genetics of heart development.

Now I spend my days researching developmental and molecular biology, wistfully wishing I could also become a (professional) artist. This is my attempt to do just that to some small degree.


All of my current work revolves around 3D digital work exclusively using the free and opensource Blender 3D modeling and animation software and GIMP, which is similar to photoshop, but free and opensource.

I am currently working on my Ocean Invasion series, and I have a large number of works in the series sketched out. I imagine it will take me quite some time to finish them all, as all of my art is done in my free time.

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