From deep within the confines of his lab, billions of miles below sea level, a mysterious creature known only as Latta creates exquisite tapestries of a majestic nature. The world’s leading scientists, high ranking military officials, and even the President have held several meetings, attempting to determine the reasoning behind this mastermind’s creations, but have come up empty-handed. One theory states Latta enters a sort of “Odin Sleep” in which he can see and talk to dead kings. Another professes he has the distinct ability to herp when others would derp. Rumors abound; does he design his work for the good of man? Or is there a more sinister plot behind his art? Perhaps the shirts on this site are simply one man’s attempt to confront the pain within, or maybe, just maybe, these t-shirts are merely step 1 in a plot to take over the world.

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