San Francisco, United States

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very amateur photographer, writer, poet.

i am a work in progress… still

i want to capture the moments that my heart is taking pictures of.

I love women
I love flowers
I love soft skin and women who smell nice
I love kids laughing and wagging doggie tails
I love serenity and rain
I love passion and heat
I love sunshine and bright souls
I love the night and dark corners

I am .. aspiring for more
I am .. content with what I have

I am .. constantly surprising myself

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now i know why they call it Heartache...

as i was laying in bed the other night, my chest felt heavy. / like some 500-pound person was sitting on it! / i could barely breathe. / then i realized… it was just heartache. / I’ve had broken hearts before, but this was more like… an ache. Sadness. Loss. / it has been 14 days since the “break up” and i am learning to cope. Not move on yet, but cope (whatever th…
Posted about 7 years – 6 comments

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