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My website: www.LasseDamgaard.com // www.nullermanden.deviantART.com

My name is Lasse Damgaard, I’m from Denmark and I was born in 1989.

I got my first camera – a small, digital compact Olympus – in 2005, and half a year later I emptied my bankaccount, bought myself a Canon 350D – and started what has become an obsession; depicturing all of life’s little moments that most people seem to overlook.

To date, I have spent countless hours on my ‘hobby’, and have apparently become somewhat decent, with a couple of contests won, a feature in a magazine and a handful of photos in an international exhibition.

After going backpacking with my camera around both the United States and Europe, I’ve been working on a series of portraits of people on the street entitled ‘American Portraits’ and ‘European Portraits’. Hopefully someday, there will be 5 additional continents to that series – only time will tell!

  • Age: 26
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Publishing a portrait-book!

First of all, long time no see! / I haven’t been very active on Redbubble recently, but be sure to know, that every single one of your lovely comments get read and muchly appreciated :) / That said, I have a bit of news! After popular request from people on fellow art-community deviantART, I decided to dedicate a few weeks to creating my first book, in this case, a book featuring portraits …
Posted almost 6 years – 1 comments

Selling again!

After a long time of only having cards available for sale, I’ve decided to open up to all prints again – so if you’re interested in something pretty for your walls or simply supporting a starving artist, feel free to browse around! / Cheers, / Lasse
Posted about 7 years – 2 comments

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