Publishing a portrait-book!

First of all, long time no see!

I haven’t been very active on Redbubble recently, but be sure to know, that every single one of your lovely comments get read and muchly appreciated :)

That said, I have a bit of news! After popular request from people on fellow art-community deviantART, I decided to dedicate a few weeks to creating my first book, in this case, a book featuring portraits taken from my journeys around the United States of America!

It’s the first in a series of books set to depict the unique faces around the world, in this case on the continent of North America. Soon to follow will be portraits from the remaining continents of the world – all in good time ;)

(Oh, and just for selfpromotive and showoff-reasons (and simply because I’m pretty damn proud of it), let me just add that the portraits featured in the book just won Honorable Mention in this year’s Travel Photographer of The Year competition! :D)

Anyway, the book should launch within the next few weeks, as soon as I have received my own copy to make sure everything is perfect!

So really – this is just a teaser :P

If you’re interested, please do let me know, and keep in mind that you wouldn’t be supporting a multimillion dollar company by buying it, but rather a poor, danish photographer, who will use the money to realize his dream of travelling the world :)


- Lasse

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