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TFiOS Countdown

I can’t be the only one who is extremely excited! In less than a week, TFiOS will be out in theaters. / To celebrate, I’ve made The Treachery of Images available in FREAKING TOTE BAGS AND THROW PILLOWS! It looks really awesome on them, and comes in TFiOS blue. / Hope to see some of you in the theaters! I’ve already seen someone in a video wearing one of the shirts, and I really …
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...and That's All Folks

Well, since I’ve run into trouble with Photoshop when upgrading my computer, I’ve decided to stop doing the iPhone case of the month… / I don’t think I can really use the word ‘stop’. That would imply that I was keeping the schedule I made, and was consistent. I guess it’s more of a longer version of what I’ve normally been doing. / …anyway, s…
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Well, i suck... and rule?

i’m writing this in a rush, so please ignore the capitalization. / so, i suck at remembering to do the whole ‘two iphone cases a month’ thing. so tomorrow i’ll be releasing 5 / i rule, because i’ve made actual physical money off of redbubble… it’s awesome. / ok, now i have to go… bye.
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What the Eff?

So, recently I’ve been getting a lot of sales from my Dude, NO EDGE shirt… and i kinda feel bad. / I like John and Hank. I’ve never met them, but they seem like very nice amazing people, and i feel like i might be stealing from them in some way. / idk, they may like my version of the shirt and may want to use it, or get angry at how successful it is. Whatever the case, I’l…
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