third haiku

It was ’neath the bush / Long lines of unwarrior ants / Said firsts do not win / LarisaZ

and, my, Layered Up valentine, to . . .

eye across the road inside so busy, / always scribbling annotaions, searched, / adding to, decorating, polishing; / would: such accidental …

of eon’s ‘lust’

Even greater the message, having that plastic; about to melt, look, as eon’s ‘lust’; rape’s unreal contribution to …

‘thinking death again’, let it be sai…

and love is wanting to / and death’s it, / stopping

so almost eternity

so / MUCH / So / all / then, there / that / i turn but / NO / up i should have looked / : was something i READ, / she / she too / g’…

4th Haiku by LarisaZ

Earth’s moves: suns, some longitudes / like Tess, tanning, turns

3rd Haiku by LarisaZ

Vegetarians: they / stay from ever eatung meat; / unlike vegetables.

Not The Sargent?

having so said, turned she / haughtiness around / turned she to look behind / haughtiness, pale / switch, it done did: / saw i eyes grow we…


note her hand hangs loose / like a used / condom / !

As ’Twere The Poems Of Lara. 4

where alpha, beta . . . / , architectural / constructions, made to / stand, hold themselves up;

…so long away is night time,

so long away is night time, / and, will, there be one tonight?

2nd Haiku


1st Haiku by larisaZ

Bees inside flowers / aren’t assaulting/sloppy, / are but foraging.


sorry, sally omar / was a draft for the piece:no, 4 / forgot to press ‘’hide this’ / if not tonight / be ready tomor…

As ’Twere The Poems Of Lara 3

…evolution’s, / next step; psychopath, / included: logic, / pointing/reading / what society/ / civilization / — ours…

As ’Twere The Poems Of Lara Zhivago 2

How: reality? / Overshadowment? / Extend to where’er / imagination / shot out -—subconscious?-— / runs of the arrow

As ’Twere The Poems of Lara Zhivago 1.

I do my neccessary neck-stretch / watching the streets of Moscow / being gobbled up

i just joined!

some, especially more; / like some writing, way / above all others