Hello to you all,
I am painting for my own pleasure for many years. I love experiment with media and always looking for new inspiration in art Galleries, art shops, magazines, websites.
I very fond of the Romantic Tradition in British Art.
I used to study history of Art, when I was doing my degree in fashion. But still learning new things each day… art as you know, the same as nature are endless in creating new images and forms.

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Opening The Clown Chakra

Recently, scientists have found that all our problems can / be placed under one heading: Seriousness. / Seriousness is the leading cause of disharmony. / Scientists from the Clown Academy have already discovered a / new source of healing. / It is a psychic energy point located between the Heart / Energy Center (Chakra) and the Throat Energy Center (Chakra). / It is called the “Clown Chakra.…
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Angel's wings

за спиной два огромных крыла / быстрые, белые. / я уже не та, что была. / я сильная, смелая. / измеряю проделанный путь / милями, метрами. / я ищу этой жизни суть / ливнями, ветрами. / пусть тебя не смогу догнать / поздно ли, рано ли. / все, кого не смогла понять / сгинули, канули. / на вершине стою одна / сильная, смелая. / за спиной два огромных крыла / быстрые, белые. / Behind my back two enor…
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A Bit of Wisdom

A mirror is only as good as the reflection in it. / Worry enough to anticipate trouble but not so much as to bring it about. / Look back to where you have been for a clue to where you are going. / Melt the icy fingers of fear with the sunshine of hope. / Step by gentle step, you can overcome the greatest sorrow. / The sweetest grapes are picked from the vineyard of friendship. / Find something yo…
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Narration by Mishal Sagga

It was the darkest night / and I was thinking of life / love and God * / There was so many questions on my mind / I wanted to know so many hidden things / I wanted to ask so many question to God / Where love have gone? / why we have begun the war / where gone tolerance / why humanity crying / why tears are falling / Why fear is surrounding around / Why I tumbling inside me / why I’m apprehensive …
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