LB Andrich

LB Andrich

Huntsville, United States

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Green! by LB Andrich Calendar For Your Days by LB Andrich Calendar Streetwise by LB Andrich Calendar This Way by LB Andrich Calendar Travels by LB Andrich Calendar Leaving Reality by LB Andrich Calendar By Hand by LB Andrich Calendar Left Overs by LB Andrich Calendar Goatgirl I dreamed I offered myself Buried Power by LB Andrich Freedom Camp by LB Andrich Election 2012 by LB Andrich heron by LB Andrich And then… We discussed the world / in words of nothing, loving / placidity wild Excuse me, sir Excuse me, sir / but I love you. tip of innocence salt in water / lipids in lye / an echoed note Aging Actress blushing up old memories / of neglected 57 wines, bleached teeth, and / handsome pocketbooks. inspiration fresh morning pie / on a bill-free Saturday, / Spring’s soft moss / that first thin root; / cageless / and yearning. ‘S’ What a strange, / snaky character—the susurus / of syllables—such a sinister, slow, / slippery , character, a savory / singul… Filter A bubble crawls / down the current, sister to the suspicious froth / that gathers in stony armpits. Harbored in a crevice, / it pushes thr… First Frost Winter sighs / trees lean and groan / Earth / tilts her chin Cashews Cashews are like policemen Republic Plunk down/ mid-step among political/ eyes Winter Unlike an arrow shot / from a backstrap bow or light / crashing through a fulsome sky / Rather, sighing as a thin leaf, / winter blankets t… Erotic Spring A flower bud bulbs up / and with it / Narcissian lust Fall Kingdom rising/ silent toward the scepter stars Constructing …work grows, surrounds/ sunrise to sunrise. Queen Toad she slides slow / toward the muddy edge Fall Measure The aspens / balance their glow in the full / appetite of autumn Sunrise Earth lilts its canopy fingers / across the sky / like a young girl waking, / ready for another whirl / on the starry dance floor.