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Religious Christian iPhone 4 Case Cover British Flag by 

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Christian iPhone Cases that are relaxed and fun. The message on our iPhone cases reflect and inspire faith, hope, trust and other positive sentiments. The Bible encourages us to be thinking upon the Scriptures when it says, “And you shall teach them to your children, speaking of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up.” Deuteronomy 11:19 KJV

The messages are not only good for oneself but also for the people that will be in your presence and have the opportunity to reflect on the message, a silent gentle breeze. The images are contemporary and yet convey wonderful meaning by the choice of words. Words that are tangible elements of society that need to be kept alive.

Discover inspiration from visiting the Keep Calm And Trust God website.
Copyright © 2012 Step Forward Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

Designer: Lana Wynne
Graphic Artist: Bill Wynne


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  • Marie Sharp
    Marie Sharpabout 2 years ago

  • Marie, thank you so much for this feature!

    – Lana Wynne

  • Mike Jeffries
    Mike Jeffriesabout 2 years ago

    The "Keep calm and carry on " series of posters were created by the Ministry of Information during the darkest days of the Second World War when Britain stood ALONE against one of the most evil regimes in history. The courage and tenacity of the British people in this time made it possible to eventually defeat Hitler for if we had given up at this time when all seemed lost it is quite possible that Germany would have won the war. It seems to have been forgotten that we had no Allies then, France had surrendered, the Soviet Union was still in a pact with Hitler and America was hesitating but at least and to their eternal credit all Britain had were the few fighting men of the Empire to bolster our own small Army.

    To find that this slogan has been highjacked to make profit is rather offensive to me and more importantly to the memory of the brave, ordinary people of Britain most of them not trusting to some god but to their own sense of what was right and wrong to stand and fight for freedom.

    Also doubting that the copyright of these posters is yet in the public domain I question the legality of your use of these images. By all means preach your message if you must but please respect what the choice of words mean to the majority of us who have no belief in your particular god.
  • Mike,
    I truly appreciate your sentiments and I support the principle that all people have the right to follow their own
    conscience. For this I wanted to leave your comment out of respect to you.

    I know that Christians have a bad name to many people but I can assure you that if you came to our home you might experience
    something a little different. If you are in the States and in the North Carolina area look us up and we will provide you with
    a great meal and fellowship.

    There are a lot of people that believe that God is intimately involved in war, namely the protection of their loved ones. Recently
    I discovered a great song by Neil Young entitled, “Love and War”. I don’t know if you listen to music like his but it is relevant to
    this conversation.

    I am one that believes that God does involve Himself in war although it is ridiculous when you think that both sides could be praying to
    the same God to protect them from the other side and to deliver the other side into their hands…

    The bottom line to me is that war is absolutely terrible. I support the soldiers that give their lives to protect their countrymen but do
    believe that some wars are completely unecessary.

    My family happened to be subject to the Germans in WWII and although Hitler was obviously a monster, many of the soldiers were caught up in something
    that they had no control over and the wonderful stories that exist of soldiers turning sides and of course Corrie Tenboom are absolutely inspiring.

    Well to end I would leave you with this quote from King George VI, the King of England at the time of the second world war.

    “Let us join in thanking Almighty God that war has ended throughout the world”

    Let us all pray and/or hope that there will be no more war in any of the world.

    Also, the trademark, “Keep Calm and Carry On”, is owned by a British gentleman but “Keep Calm and Trust God” is in the public domain.


    – Lana Wynne

    BLYTHARTalmost 2 years ago

    I admire the sentiments of your message and because I am a Christian I also respect your motives; I’m assuming the proceeds of sales are going to an old soldiers fund.

    I also respect what Mike is trying to say. A lot of old soldiers from World War Two are still alive and have great respect for the slogans that helped their morale throughout the conflict and would very probably see making profit from this image as being disrespectful to the memories f those who died for our country.

    It might be worthwhile to check the copyright, because this is recognisably close enough to Keep Calm and Carry On to be classified as a breach of copyright. If you removed the crown it might be less obviously copied.

    Technically speaking, as Britain was a Christian country at the time of WWII, most people in those days would have admired your revised slogan. Sadly Britain is technically no longer a Christian country, although recent surveys do show that over 50% of Brits believe in God, although not necessarily God as we perceive Him to be.

    I’ve noticed on Redbubble that a high percentage of Americans are Christians, but I haven’t found too many Brits here who are. The motto of the USA is In God We Trust, so no-one there can find offence in the American version of this revised slogan of yours.

    I do hope you haven’t taken offence at my remarks, as they are offered in the spirit of fair play.

  • Sorry for taking so long to reply, the children will start homeschool soon and that makes me really busy as you could imagine.

    There is no offence taken from your remarks. I understand how a precious soldier could be irritated by someone taking a slogan that inspired him during such a time of trial and making money from it. I had not had that thought and I appreciate learning and growing from those around me.

    I have looked into the copyright and it is ok.

    I desire to bless people and help them keep the Love of God before them. That love can transform us and thus, this world.

    Thank you for the insight, I love to learn and be edified by others.

    – Lana Wynne

    BLYTHARTalmost 2 years ago

    By the way, I too have read of Corrie Ten Boom and also of German Christians who were punished for providing safe houses for Jews escaping from the Nazis. Most right-minded people know that many German soldiers were conscripted against their will and were decent people. The bad guys were the Nazi leaders; not the German people themselves. The real enemies in wartime are the pampered leaders who sit behind their desks and give the order to kill. In medieval times they had the right idea – the kings had to fight on the battle ground instead of hiding in bunkers.

  • I agree, it is too easy to sacrifice the lives of others, as you point out by the men and women that sit in air conditioned offices. This is a sad world we are living in. Corporatocracy is killing this world.

    The Bible teaches the oneness of all men and disregards nationality.

    “Imagine…” – John Lennon

    “All we need is love.” – Beatles

    “Until the color of a mans skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes…war” – Bob Marley

    I heard this once and it is really something to think about. We can’t teach our children to accept all people as long as we foster national pride. As long as we believe we are better than others then everyone is of less value. That is a problem. I am not encouraging the eradication of culture and diversity but lets celebrate diversity than fearing it.

    I will stop rambling now…


    – Lana Wynne

    BLYTHARTalmost 2 years ago

    Hi Lana,

    Thank you for your thoughtful replies to my comments. I would like to stress that I was simply attempting to understand Mike’s viewpoint and to respect it. From a personal point of view, I was born five years after WWII ended and if church attendacne was anything to go by, the majority of British people in those times were Christian and I don’t feel they would have been offended by your adaptation. If it hadn’t been for Mike’s comment I wouldn’t have given it a thought. For the record, what I like about Redbubble is that (in most cases) it is a classless society. I for one never attended a university or an art college, yet my artwork is treated with as much respect here on Redbubble as that of those who are highly educated and qualified in the arts. In my ideal world, the colour of our skin, or our religion or politics should not prevent us from living peacefully together. “We must agree to differ” is one of my favourite maxims. Thanks again for your most tolerant and sincere replies – Dave.

    BLYTHARTalmost 2 years ago

    I must tell you that recently I have recently seen many adaptations of this wartime slogan in shops here and some are quite silly, while yours are very respectful. One even said, “keep calm and party”. So keep up the good work Lana …

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