Since i am quite a shy person, music and writing is something like freedom for me. To express what i cant in day to day life. To try and discover whats going on inside that i even try to hide from myself! I like to try to be as spontaneous as possible, try to write without censoring my own words or thinking if its wrong or right. Also observations on life, and my general views

Im interested in playing with words, i dont mind if its not gramatically correct, i like to paint a picture, to dream.

Why should it be constrained by rules, we have enough of that in life!

Im also interested in the origins of words.

What i write is coming from me, reflects my feelings, thoughts and secrets..i like to try to be original.

Pity no place for music here, ill have to try Soundcloud..

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Appreciation for Redbubble.

So much talent on Redbubble, im surprised! :) Happily.. / I suppose it is something missing in my life, some inspiration, some place to share something deeper, so its a pleasure to see and read so much here. It does inspire me, art is place to be free..and to know yourself. So its appreciated here. / Lakshmana
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