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You Have No Power Over Me - A Repost of An Older Piece

A repost of an old one..

Sarah: “Through dangers untold, and hardships unnumbered, I fought my way here to the castle, beyond the Goblin City, to take back the child that you have stolen. For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great…you have no power over me.”

The above quote taken from David Bowie’s 80’s movie about a goblin king (Bowie) who takes a child after his sister wishes him away….has stayed with me …. “you have no power over me” …. That is a quotation to live by…..Take it to heart….make it your own….

Everyone has troubles in this world….fight your way past it…But, it is a measure of character how you handle that battle….You can become bitter and angry. You can make fun of someones beliefs and the way they choose to live their life, resort to …

What White Trash Redneck Racist DeerSlayers do on the weekend!

I was recently told to go back and do whatever it is white trash deerslayers do on weekends…I was asked if I had a racist tea party to attend…and I was called some really interesting names…because my computer was hijacked and sent out spam to my email list….you know…Phished…But, apparently…this woman had never had this happen to her before, and thought I had a reason to send out emails with links to a viagra type company in Canada to her….Why she thought I was promoting this company and why I would send her something like this…oh, who knows or cares….

But, she asked a question…of sorts…and made disparaging remarks about me…apparently, because she is ignorant of what we do down here in the south…She apparen…

Red Bubble Fosters Creativity

There are as many opinions around here as there are chickens in Philadelphia, Mississippi. There are purists, elitists, happy snappers, hobbyist and budding true artist….and everything in between. And with that said, this is my opinion.

Red Bubble Fosters Creativity. If you stay out of the General Forum, the warm, encouraging and fun environment is very nurturing. You can get the opinion of an expert on lighting, equipment, cropping and so on and learn an incredible amount. You can learn to love to learn. You can open yourself up and make mistakes….you can express yourself without worry……if you know where to stay and who to ask.

That doesn’t mean that the advice and knowledge isn’t as expert as you’d get in class, or by being criticized.

I …

Trials - Tribulations - and White Hair

They don’t always go together, but if you do have white hair….even under the dye job….you surely have had a tribulation or two. How have you handled that? I’ve had my share…….and two or three other’s share, in my opinion. But my troubles have come and gone…I have very few now. (other than my divorced parents are both going to be living with me) sigh……..

I have a friend that I truly truly respect and adore. He brings wisdom and humor to all of us. He loves us….(remember that journal I did on cyber relationships?) He doubts his worth sometimes. He says that that is what happens when you are raised being told you’re an idiot. I understand….not from personal experience, I was one of the lucky ones in that re…

Question asked of Me.....How Many Did You Watch Die?

I don’t exactly know where I’m going with this, so you’ll have to bear with me as this unfolds.

I was asked tonight, how many people I had watched die.

This caught me off guard and I got emotional. This is not strange in one way, especially looking at it from some of your perspectives, since many of you, have not seen even one person slip from this world.

It was part of my everyday world to watch people die for 10 years. I was the Patient Representative in the ER and it was I who took care of families of patients involved in trauma’s or life and death events such as strokes, MI’s and the like….or the simple slipping away of a person who’s body had worn out from time or disease.

The answer to the question, how many, can not be answered by me̷…

Artistic People - What kind are you?

Artistic people come in many packages, just like everyone else…..but let me ramble a bit while I consider this question…….Part of me is this wild long haired untamed bohemian type woman…….Non conformist….you know, the type that you picture owning an old bookstore selling fabulous old books, crystals, creating artwork of some such? If you’ve ever seen the movie Twister with Helen Hunt, I’m talking about her Aunt Mae………. and part of me likes the relaxed, “no style constraints” of country…..jeans, white shirts, lol, hats of course……. and still yet, I love the old “beatnick” type….bobbed hair….cool shades… lips…….and I’m getting older….


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