Hey, my name is Victoria, formally known as Tori, I’m twenty-one and currently reside in the UK. I’m an aspiring Photographer and I mainly prefer to specialise in macro photography as I find it fascinating. The reason being is I’ve discovered a beautifully small, hidden world out there of which the majority of people fail to awknowledge the existance of due to a lack of exploration.

I’ve been working with photography for roughly two years now. I’m completely self taught, I’ve just picked up bits and pieces along the way. Photography is more than just a hobby, to me, it’s a never ending passion.

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  • Age: 26
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My First Sale

Just logged on and found I’d sold my very first card to Courtney Taylor ! / ^^ That was the card. One of my favourite works. / Extremely excited about this! So a big thanks to Courtney Taylor.
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Going Away

Hey lovely people of Red Bubble. Just a quick announcement (on my lunch break here lol) that I’m going away tomorrow to England with my partner to visit family and friends. I’m taking a few outings to London zoo (really looking forward to that), London central.. visiting the old parks, etc. So I’ll be sure to come back with a bunch of new pictures. Unfortunately I’ll have …
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Sneak Peak of Future Piccies

Sneaky Peak / I update this regularly with upcoming images and everything else so be sure to fave it! / And don’t forget to check out Sue’s and my new group, Perfect Harmonies
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New Group: Perfect Harmonies

Just started my first group with the lovely Sue Nueckel.. Perfect Harmonies / This group exists solely for those who appreciate the fine beauty of nature, and how you, the photographer, portray this through the lens. / We are here to enable you to display your unique abilities. It’s up to you to be the source of inspiration and to be inspired by others. You’ll find many wonderful galleries and nu…
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