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Hello my dear friends,

Im still in Nova Scotia. When I arrived 3 weeks ago, I came upon a serious situation. My mother had stopped taking her meds and other worrying stuff. Thankfully, I managed to get professional help quickly. My brother and I have started procedures for an assessment, home care, and eventually a nursing home. All of this is heartbreaking, as she has gotten so confused, frail and lost. I cannot come back until some home help is in place for her; I would be too worried knowing she would be in this state alone at her place. Hopefully, a lot can be done in July.

Please send me prayers and good vibes, as this is overwhelmig and Im pretty tired. I need breaks in the afternoon, and will go to the library regularly, where I can get Internet access with my new laptop. :) And Im sad too… Watching her having come to this is hard.


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