Forthcoming Trip

It seems that I’m often saying that I have to leave for a while…It makes me sad, as I don’t want to, but some priorities come up.

I’m flying soon to Nova Scotia, to my family. My mother got two surgeries during the Holidays for her legs, which were successful! She’s expected to be able to walk normally again, after years of being unable to take a walk. So that’s a miracle! She got out of the hospital last week, and has been recuperating at my brother and sister-in-law’s house. So I’ll visit to help with her transition at home, help out and also give them a break.

We had an accident last night as the conditions were slippery… Thankfully, nobody was injured and the damages were minimal, but it’s a downer that it happened just after the insurance preniums had gotten down.

I’m grateful for the great support and the latest features on my work, thank you everybody. Also, I appreciate the wonderful team at Fractal Combinations, who are a delight to work with!

So I’m using my last days before departure to create new artworks.

So long for now, and see you on February 11th or 12th! Love, Josette

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