I was born in Montreal, and brought in a family to whom art , music and culture were very important.

My mother nurtured my creativity, sense of colours, giving me free reins at choosing my clothes at a very young age. I started early being creative: drawing, embroidering, sewing, knitting. I’ve also made quilts, jewelry that I managed to sell, custom made clothes for persons and costumesfor drag queen shows. Although I am a painter by vocation, my creativity and inspiration need more outlets: I create fractals, photo manipulations, and plans for a dream house.

Images and colours are my passion.

I am French, living in Montréal, Québec, Canada.


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Offline for a few Weeks

I’ll be offline for some weeks, as I’ve had difficulties with my computer and it needs to be worked on to resolve the issues – if not, the purchase of a new one. / In the meantime, take care, my friends. :)
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Hello dear friends, / I won’t be active for two or three weeks as I’m going to move houses soon and am very busy with organizing and packing. / See you soon!
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Not Back Yet

Hello my dear friends, / Im still in Nova Scotia. When I arrived 3 weeks ago, I came upon a serious situation. My mother had stopped taking her meds and other worrying stuff. Thankfully, I managed to get professional help quickly. My brother and I have started procedures for an assessment, home care, and eventually a nursing home. All of this is heartbreaking, as she has gotten so confused, frai…
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Vacation Time

I’ll be leaving shortly for about three weeks, visiting my family in Nova Scotia. So if you send me a message and I don’t answer, it’s the reason why! / Thank you so much for all the appreciation on my art, the features and all other kind of support! I’m going to miss my RB community, and will be recharging my creative batteries too! I’ve been working hard for months…
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