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I will start this off to say I will be doing more writing in the next few weeks and will be covering a few topics….

I had a terrible nightmare last night, oh wait it was not a nightmare it was reality. Little by little or should I say more and more the internet is fully taking control of human life Instead of spending time in person with someone instead we do this through the internet.. I guess maybe I am way to old fashion to old school ways . The natives did not use internet so if we are going to get back to the ways of the old school I hate to break the news to some. But when it comes to real emotions the internet cannot feel me or hold me or actually make me feel secure .. I have a few topics I will be focusing on within the next few weeks . Yes I do use the internet mainly to get my work out and hoping that it connects so I can make my dreams a reality,but a computer in reality cannot really comfort me like a real hug from a human can . But the topics I will be talking about is something we all will be able to relate too.. Until then .. Peace,love and light…~DreamCatcher~

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