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London, United Kingdom

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My name is Ky Lewis, I’ve always loved photography and creating images and so I grew up dabbling in all forms of image making, everything from graphics, illustration and printmaking to photography which is my main passion with a sprinkle of the others thrown in. Photography and image making is an obsession, I have always done it and hopefully will continue to. I suppose my current “job” is facilitator to my three children and I do my “thing” when I have the opportunity, eventually these rolls will reverse and then I can concentrate on doing photography full time.

I tend to work on a number of things at one time so my head is always buzzing with ideas and the next thing to do. I am quite prolific in my use of film and as a consequence i am still processing images from last year, the pleasures of analogue!

*I have work up on a number of sites and I’m also in the slow process of doing
my own website at

my blog
Work is also at:

I have a book for sale at:

I’m in a number of books by the Lomographic Society and a new pinhole book called:
The Pinhole camera
There are interviews at:
Featured photographer

If you are interested in any work that you see on these other sites and it’s not here I can upload so you can buy, thanks for looking!

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