Born February 13, 1962 in North Miami Beach FL. My art education was little; regular grade school art and a commercial art school for 6 months. In my early 20s I developed a passion for studying (in my private time) philosophy, psychology, science, and spiritual material, which I incorporated into my art which can be clearly seen in my visionary concepts.

I work in a number of artistic disciplines such as: illustration, paintings, sculpting, doll making and writing. I feel I cannot fully express my many faceted vision in just one artistic discipline. My primary style of work is by tradition called “Surrealism” but I prefers “Statement Orientated Artwork”, and I also create fantasy pieces.

I have been shown in a number of places, such as: Art Form Gallery, Broome Street Gallery, Sculpture Center Gallery, Incorporated Gallery, Wares Art Gallery, Flights of Fancy Gallery, Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibition, Columbia University Arts and Craft show, PASTA gallery, and the DA gallery. I have also won several awards for sculpture and overall artistic excellence and have been published in such publications as: Manhattan Arts International, Black Bear Publications, St. Augustine compass, and Folio Weekly.

My primary goal is the continual quest for artistic excellence and creative expression. I feel that being an artist is not an end result but a continual journey of learning, experiencing and expressing. Being an artist is not just a job or career, it’s a way of life.

  • Age: 52
  • Joined: July 2010

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