Unisex short sleeve- Image to shirt size comparison chart

Like my previous colour chart journal entry, I’ve tried something else to take the guesswork out of designing for RedBubble t-shirts.

This time I’m comparing the unchanging maximum print area (2400px x 3200px @ 200dpi = 30.48cm x 40.64cm or 12inches x 16inches) to the varying sizes of the Unisex short sleeve t-shirt, which ranges from S up to XXXL.

This should help you envisage how your design will look across the varying shirt sizes. As you can see because of the unchanging print area, things look considerably different when comparing S to XXXL.

To RedBubble, I’ve made every effort to get these measurements exact as possible. If you notice any errors, please let me know.

Below: The blue area represents the maximum unchanging print area. As a result, the larger the t-shi…