Evil wears many masks and has many tricks.


  • Alyssa Medina
    Alyssa Medinaover 6 years ago

    nice collarbones…the shadows on the body are wicked.

  • Belinda "BillyLee" NYE (Printmaker)
    Belinda "Billy...over 6 years ago

    Yes, it does and you are so right..and I can feel it also. Wow, fantastic Krisso.

    AQUALINAover 6 years ago

    But Faith, Hope and Love has no tricks, but they are things we have to work for rather than give into.
    Evil can not create life but only a counterfit, and in that has less power than we give it. Our choice really!

  • You’r right Aqualina and I have worked very hard for it, and I am lucky enough to now have it. It is our choice but it took me many years to see that, if your mind wants you to believe something it’s very hard not to dissbelieve it.

    – Krisso

  • emapearl
    emapearlover 6 years ago

    this is super cool :) i love the strong darkness of this shot. excellent :)

    AQUALINAover 6 years ago

    Your mind is but a tool, yes a powerful one but a tool no less. It is said that the battle feild of life is in the mind, and that we must renew it every moment. Remember to wash your brain in things like hope freedom, goodness, kindness, faith etc…because really brain washing isnt so bad…lol.

    If you feed the mind on garbage you collect rats right. The mind is like that also. I personaly had to go through a stage for about 2 years where I watched absolutley no media, was careful with what I listen to, didnt read gossip mags or trash etc, as I had such huge mental battles it was the only way I could diffentuate between my mind and a mind projected onto me by everything else in this world.
    It was hard but I managed it, and the results have been amazing. I also have come into a strong faith in God and pray and fast regularly which helps.

    I am not the same person I was 5 years ago, total change and turn around. I still have visitations but I have the power to tell them where to go…to hell where they belong. I no longer see things in a dark sense, but can pinpoint the life, and giftings in people and help them to acheive their goals and visions. I still see visions and have prophetic moments, but they work for a positive rather than a negative end.

    By the way I dont feel it is luck at all it is your right, and claim it as such!

  • Rosina  Lamberti
    Rosina Lambertiover 6 years ago

    Stunningly beautiful.

  • Thanks so much Rosina.

    – Krisso

  • NickJ
    NickJalmost 6 years ago

    This is an extraordinary image!! I actually tried to paint a subject like this years ago but I couldn’t make it work. It certainly wouldn’t have looked as beautiful as this picture. The theme seems to combine the primitive, sophisticated/decadent and the sensual – and the model’s poise fills it with so much tension. Krisso, this is striking.

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