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Just wanted share this with all my RB friends! MY BOOK :) yay!

First off I wanted to say that when I joined Redbubble I never expected to find so many wonderful friends. You guys are so wonderful and so supportive. You have become like a second family. I am sure you all feel the same way about this place. :)

I also wanted to put the link up here to my book. Its finally completed and for sale. Yay!! :)
spearing the abdomen of giants
Its a collection of many different types of poetry I have written over a period of a few years. I’m pretty excited to finally have a book of my work to give my daughter when she is older. :)

Love you guys xoxoxo

Thank you RB friends :)

I just wanted to say thank you so much first off to Vibration in art and verse, Vavoom! for featuring my little drawing That means so much to me!
Also to Shoaib in Poetry and Beautiful women for featuring several of my writes this month. raw reverie and also The salt of a gypsyeye
Thank you to the beauty of poetry for featuring OF Brine and mirrors. Yay!
Also want to thank Writing persuing happiness for making me a featured member some time back.
Anyone I missed this past month I thank as well.
I love all of you RB friends! I don’t know what I would do without you all.
Anyone with a Redbubble addiction raise your hands and say “AYE!” hehehe

Astrology signs

I thought this would be a kind of fun way to get to know some of you better. I love astrology and the placement of planets at our birthtime tell a good deal about us as people. So I thought it would be fun to post this and ask you all to put either your astrology sign or your birthday (don’t worry, not the year lol just the month and day) Just knowing what time of year you were born will tell me a great deal about each of you.
I was born July 16th which makes me a Cancer. hehe
I am curious if anyone will respond to this ;)
Love you guys

For all my RB friends.... woohoo!!

I’m pretty excited and wanted to let all of you know that in a few weeks my first poetry book will be coming out. Once they design the cover art it should be printed. Yay!! I decided to title it “Spearing the abdomen of giants” and I am giddy that I will have a book of my work to give my daughter, whom the book is dedicated to.

Who better to share this news with then all of you? :) Who else would appreciate it as much? With all of you I don’t feel so alone.
Love you all and thank you for all of your support. It means so much to me. I hope this new year is a wonderful one for all of you.

Very Merry holiday to all my RB friends :)

The last few days I’ve not been on here much and the next couple of days I will be very busy as well, and I might miss some of your work. :( Christmas shopping has me all crazy lol :) If I miss anyones work I’m sorry. I will try to catch up soon.
I wanted to come on here and wish all of my wonderful friends very Happy holidays and send a big hug to you all :)
Love Christie

Frost in the morning air

I saw and fell in love with this haunting image on Brenda Dows page. I wrote a poem for it and hopefully she can post her photo on here to go with this :)
its a beautiful image.
Hope you like it :)

wall of pine
intoxicating a.m. air
sweet tasting ambrosia
mist like scrawls of smoke
rising from the mystery of where

losing my binding in the onslaught
of enigmatic existence
I breathe in this heaven scent

eyes locked
mesmerized by this gift
silence moves me
what comes of musings
I question in my searching

my gaze alight
into darling fall
of sticky shadows
as they confuse me
and astound me
I could lose me
recalling the night
abducted by distance

submerged in the rising
dancing dust
of fairy tales and sprites
sprinkle magic on my skin

you are beautiful
you are fantastic
breath tossed on morning

THANK you!!

I just wanted to say how honored I am to be a featured member right now in the group poetry and beautiful women. Shoaib totally rocks and I feel so special because beside me in the feature are some totally amazing artists. Lisa J and Linaji also Arcadia. They all are so brilliant that I have a huge head now LOL JK seriously though it made my week :D
Thank you so much S man!! It means a lot to me.

Happy Birthday Brianna!!!

My daughter turns two years old today :) Since she is the most important person in my life I thought I would share the news :)
She is my light, and brought my heart alive again. I love her more than I dreamed I could love anyone.
Happy Birthday baby girl!!!

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