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Hello All,

Sorry to not have anything to view! I would love to say I was a great photographer – but I am just a great photograph observer!

Originally from the U.S., I have lived in Australia for almost 30 years. It’s a beautiful country!

I thought I would put a quoll in my portrait photo. It’s an endangered marsupial & this is the first & only time I’ve seen one. It was at a very small animal show just outside Atherton, Far North Queensland. It was put on by this one man, who had an array of wonderful animals – mostly birds – but it was an up close & personal kind of show. He’d give you a glove & some of the birds would fly to you. His quoll was a pet & went home with him & lived in the house with him. He said that Australia may let people have them for pets (with a permit) sometime in the future, which would be a great way of increasing their numbers!

Hopefully, someday I’ll get good enough to post some photos, but until then, I’d love to hear from anyone!


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