Hi everyone.

My name is John. I live in T.O. (Toronto) but I am truly a citizen of the world. I simply fell in love with the promise and art of photography. My philosophy of photography can be summed up in two words: “eclectic aesthetic”.

I created an account on RB about a year ago but finally started to upload photos. My moniker, “Kozology”, is a combination of my last name and a Miles Davis tune.

Although I delve into teaching and consulting as a career, my true passion is the mindfulness and creativity that photography affords me on a daily basis.

All my images and prose are copyrighted (all rights reserved) and not part of the public domain. If you are interested in an image, feel free to comment or contact me at any time.

You may also catch some of my work on Flickr.


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  • Joined: June 2009