Rainer Kozik

Rainer Kozik

Biggera Waters - Gold Coast, Australia

I'm now on FACEBOOK.......

So sorry I haven’t been here on “the Bubble” for a while…… Truth is, Carol and I have been spending all our time and energy on our new venture – our own Art Gallery- (KOZIK-ART).
Since early May we have spent days and days painting, sanding, scraping, cleaning and finally setting up our own little Art Emporium, and have been trading for a couple of months now. I must say, all our expectations have been met – I’m not saying we can retire to the Carribean just yet……. but from our humble beginnings things are going well for us both.
Anyway – the point of this quick note here is to let you know that we are now on facebook (as KOZIK ART)………. check us out.
click here for Kozik Art on Facebook

Till next time – Cheers,

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