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Photo course

Last weekend I attended my first ever photo course and I think it really helped me to learn a bit more about my camera.
I already knew about how to make panoramas or what I have to do when I want to put a HDR picture together but sometimes even the small tips can be very helpful when you want to take a good picture.
When you know which method you have to use to metre the light you have and how you expose your picture correctly then you don’t have to do that much in post-processing. I didn’t know that much about how to use my flash but now I know a bit more. There is always more to learn but I’m happy now about the new stuff I know after this weekend.
And my instructor was finally someone who told me that it’s OK to take pictures in jpg and still get a good result and that it’s not always necessary to shoot in manual mode.
When you have the chance then attend a photo course and you will be astonished what you’ll learn along the way.

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