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Intention Art
Since caveman times, there was art. Art came into being way before written language itself. Man has an inherent instinct to express his thoughts through art, bringing the spirit to life in the physical plane. I love to use my talent with art work to help bring peoples dreams into reality in this physical plane for the very first time, paving the way to full physical manifestation.

With your help, I can create for you a painting that you can look at throughout your day every day to serve as a visual affirmation. It can be very powerful. With every brush stroke, I create the intention of the feeling you will receive with having your dreams a reality. Not only will it be a beautiful piece of art, it will serve a blueprint or vision seed to speed along your manifestation process.

With each piece that I create I also connect with your spirit guides and ask them for a message for you. Every day you will easily connect with your intention and with the message that your spirit guides have for you. So that in this busy world that we all live in, you will not forget your purpose. I feel very blessed to be apart of this process.

I can also, use the image that I have created especially for you and make it into a coffee cup, tshirt, car keys, just about anything: so you will have that your intention physically with you all the time and connect with it often.

Please email me at and I will email you all the information you will need to get your painting created and your dreams manifested!!!!

  • Joined: October 2012