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No more White

I’ve decided, after some valuable feedback from a couple of customers, and after seeing one for myself, that I am no longer going to make designs available for white tee shirts. They are just coming out too dull.
White tees are printed directly onto the fabric, whereas coloured tees have a white base laid down first, making the colours in the design more vibrant and stand out more.

Why can’t a white base be laid down on a white tee shirt?
Well that’s a good question, and I guess it depends on whether you have any transparency in your design or not. If you dont then I don’t see why a white couldn’t be printed first to alleviate the problem.
But that’s up to the powers that be…… direct all questions to support@redbubble.com

I’d be intersted to know if anyone else is having the same problems.

But until I can find the time enough to modify those few designs that I have specifically for white tees, then they shall be temporarily removed.

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