Hi, my name is Dakota. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I’m a Senior. I am a proud aunt :) I live in a small town in Iowa; practically out in the middle of nowhere is what it seems like at times. There isn’t really much to say about myself. I enjoy taking pictures of wildlife and scenery. In Iowa you normally don’t find much scenery other than corn, but there’s more out there than just that. Multiple photos will be added at a time for my page. See any that you like; please feel free to comment on them, save them, or watch them. I also write poetry. Not any particular type, i write poetry based on feelings, real life situations. Most of mine are about torn hearts, never ending love, love that will never be found, and hate between one person and the world. Feel free to read my poems, and please check them out.
Thank you,
Dakota =]

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I’m really enjoying this site, and all the neat things you can find. / Most of the photographs, drawings, and t-shirts are outstanding! This site has become very addicting and I’ve only had it for a day and a halfl It’s so much fun to look at all the interesting pieces of art that many people have to share from their points of view. Poetry is one of my favorites, and I’ve …
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