I renewed my interest in photography in November 2009 … this time in the digital world. I like to try different things; from black & white with/without selective coloring to more processed work and color …. I also like to dabble in writing so, an occasional piece of writing will be seen.

Inspiration, where does it come from? Everyone has their own source. For me, sometimes it is just a random thought that needs to escape and ‘be brought to life’. At other times, it is the beauty of things I see all around me: seeing my children happy, laughing, and smiling; watching the rain fall and the patterns the drops make as they hit a surface or slide down the glass of a window; seeing a lone leaf dance in the wind; transforming photos of old abandoned buildings, cars, cemeteries, and just about anything to reflect what I see/feel; and much more…

Currently, I reside in a house, on a street, in a town, within a state, of a country, on the planet, in the universe.

“Photography is a means of recording forever the things one sees for a moment.” – Aaron Sussman

All images are copyright © Catherine Berger. All Rights Reserved. Copying, sampling, altering, derivative works of any kind, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited.

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Can you speak the truth?

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I Bruise Easily

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