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--- New Ebook on Amazon.com on Vietnam War

I have published an ebook ( my fourth book ) on Amazon.com. This is a book about the Vietnam War – a Chronology of the Events.

I started this project 25 years ago in 1987 when I lived in Washington DC for about a year. But it has not taken me 25 years to complete it. Only recently have I dusted off the manuscript and revisited it for publication.

In Washington DC during this period, I spent time exploring the monuments and museums. The Vietnam Wall had the greatest impact on me nd I returned to it time and time again to experience what became known as the “wall effect” . I watched veterans cry, relatives lay wreaths, flags, photographs, letters, medals and many other mementos. My four year daughter called it the “sad place” . It is indeed a revered place of recognition. After seeing over 58,174 names of soldiers killed on this Wall, I began to be curious. How did it happen? Who was involved and why? How can a war be so long and catastrophic in its outcome?

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