Well, I have always love art in any form. I hope you enjoy my photos, drawings and my writing, even though I have not done very much.
All of my photos are taken in natural situations no studio, lights or photoshop (don`t know how to use it yet…) I only use basic editing like crop and contrast, saturation. I like to try and capture people as they are especially children, they have a unique quality about them.
I would love to hear any of your thoughts, so please feel free to take a sec and make a comment; I would love to hear from you.
Kim "-)

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here we go

Well I have enrolled in a pastel, pencil & charcoal class at the local community centre. Its starts on Friday, two more sleeps :-) / I am so excited, now I just have to see where it takes me.
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Not sure what happened to that entry so here it goes again, / Thank you to everyone that chose to look at my work, comment or favorite my work. / It has been a long time since I have enjoyed photography, so thanks RB and my wonderful husband for getting the new camera for me! / So thank you all / Kim
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13th Jan 2008

I thinks I am starting to get the hang of it, but don`t hold me to that…. / I have put up a few new pieces, I hope that any one that is looking enjoys them :-)
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9 jan 2008

I have just put up my first writing, I am a little nervous and I would love to get some feed back, is it worthy ???? / I wrote it for and about my 87 year old grandmother, she is some one very special to me. / Thanks for listening :-)
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