Lowestoft, United Kingdom

Scribbler, writer, painter, photographer and designer; creative alround and proud.


Water under the bridge by KMorral Nottingham Slab Square by KMorral Willoughby Rooflight by KMorral Sunny walk by KMorral British Beach Donkeys by KMorral Streaks of blue by KMorral Over the horizon by KMorral Wisdom by KMorral Parked up by KMorral


Beige. Unexciting, predictable and reliable. A non colour.
Reich Falls by KMorral

Dragon Terror

The problem was, I wasn’t sure what I was waiting for. I could smell it, yet couldn’t identify it. I could hear it still, breathing somewhe…
Pilgrim Rose by KMorral Apparition by KMorral Big wheel keep on turning by KMorral Splashback by KMorral


I flipped through the pages, listening to the satisfying whoosh as the paper flapped against each other, over sailing Jack’s continued ramb…
Juicy red by KMorral Ethereal route by KMorral


Tit.” Mary added. Peals of laughter rang round the room as they placed their tiles in close succession, drawing suspicious glances
Hello by KMorral Nottingham Council House I-phone by KMorral

Safe Haven

Floor to ceiling book shelves were stacked with the elegant repeating stripes of multi coloured spines.
Funghi by KMorral

Introducing a murderer

I paid no attention to the rain pattering against my plastic protective cover. My competition training calming my breathing and steadying …
Bucket of chocolate by KMorral Factory tower by KMorral Head long by KMorral

Introducing Nina Gadon

As the early evening gloom descended, I turned the key in the door with its usual grinding reluctance, and eagerly stepped into the warmth …
Moonlight becomes you by KMorral Encased by KMorral Foggy Foliage by KMorral

Blind drunk

Something bellowed. A deep mournful cry that rang through his buzzing head and he stopped terrified, heart leaping into his throat. What wo…
Arching by KMorral

City of Liverpool

City of Two Cathedrals, / there are but few. / City of sports, / with football clubs two. / City of culture, / of music of art. / City of …


“They’ve got more to worry about than you Deal.” She chuckled maliciously to herself, and Deal nuzzled
City Visions by KMorral Calendar Pyramid Falls by KMorral Keys by KMorral

Mistaken Identity

“What metal?” / “Z…z…z…zinc.” / “Zinc?” I snorted. “What the hell good is Zinc?”
Dahlia Heart by KMorral Vivid and Vibrant Foliage by KMorral Calendar

Circus moving on

The circus with its daring exploits, bright colours, and outrageous clowns …seemed inexplicably attractive.

The Robin Hood Murders Chapter 1

nerves taking charge of my pulse as I stepped into the heavy atmosphere of the courtroom, feeling the weight of every single pair of eyes
Through the fountain by KMorral Cloud Cover by KMorral


“You don’t spelling fishing with two s’s honey.” / “You don’t?” Tom looked down baffled. “But that isn’t fishing, that’s fishsing.”
avigating Nottingham(shire) by KMorral Calendar

Lessons Learned

Just the thought of the icy water below sent shivers of fears shooting along her nerves.
Lonely by KMorral

Paranoia? Version 1

Dear Diary… / Things have just got so much worse!
Cats by KMorral Across the Gorge by KMorral

Secret beginnings

Josie added shivering and moaning to her whimpering and I found myself starting to regret agreeing. I had thought it folly to begin with, b…
Maligne View by KMorral Floral display by KMorral

The end of the trail

“I need a partner.” “What better partner than the one who comes searching for me?”
Lumps and Bumps (light and shade) by KMorral


The flag fluttered, dancing in the gentle breeze that wound its way through the multi-coloured tents. Billowing fabrics in red


Through the dancing flames, she smiled in spite of herself as she watched the huddled figures of the family flee, coughing and spluttering,…
Layers by KMorral In the Spotlight by KMorral Water by KMorral Calendar Back lighting by KMorral Light and Dark by KMorral Calendar Speckled Wood by KMorral Playing with Light by KMorral Chester Cloisters by KMorral Violet Sea by KMorral Wollaton  Hall by light by KMorral Illumination by KMorral Cathedral and Liverbird by KMorral Rose Droplet  by KMorral Peek a Boo by KMorral Garden Stairs sketch drawing day by KMorral Reich Falls by KMorral Mixed Media by KMorral Orchid collection by KMorral Round the wheel by KMorral Fully Loaded by KMorral
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