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Stapleford, United Kingdom

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I shall be away for the next week as I am endeavouring to cycle the TransPenine Trail in the UK – from Southport on the West Coast to Hornsea on the East. This is 215 miles (or there abouts) of opld railway tracks, river side paths and tow paths along canals. I’m hoping that this means reasonable terrain, even if I do have the Penines to cross!

Hopefully, there will be a journal to upload with some fascinating insights into my madness, and possibly some great photos too – although the weather isn’t looking great for this!

I won’t be around to comment on any of your incredible work – so please take it as reaed that I will! And likewise to thank any who comments on my own.

I shall see you all on the other side!

I'm back

For those of you who haven’t even noticed…I’ve not been on here for many months at all.

The last three weeks because I have been avoiding my poor laptop like th plague, making the most of time off by relaxing (I had two weeks off) and then making the most of the fact I have been remarkably lucky in terms of getting a job, moving home and being exhausted.

Prior to that because I became thoroughly absorbed in my uni work, for the last few weeks of term, bowing down to the high level pressure that sixth year of university (and architectural at athat!) entails!

For those of you who are interested, I’ve attached a photograph of my final presentation (and can upload more, closer, images if requested).

So, now that I am back, I can start to pay more attention to group up…