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To Blog or not to Blog

So, time for another update!…

My current writing projects are many and varied, and yet until this weekend frequently subject to other distractions.

This Easter weekend has been a productive one: I’ve finished the typing up of edits for my 56,000 word novella, including a completing chapter. This novella is a fantasy crime that start it’s life as a 7,000 word short story which during edit no. 2 took a change for the better but has kind of run away with me. I have no created a world and characters that I want to take forward, and several questions that I need to answer… the only problem being I don’t know how, or where to take it!

So, in the first instance, I am going to look for a professional editor for the novella that I have – which has two possible titles ‘Conflicting evidence’ and ‘The

Marketing onwards

So, time I think for another update for those who are interested.…

My self-publication Worlds Apart came out at the start of December. Such a giggly moment when the first book came through! It is very thin (only 6 stories in it, so it will be) but looks all good and proper with a gorgeous cover! Tehe, felt weird for ages afterwards to be able to say I’ve been published! And in January it came out as an e-book too! (Full details of all this can be found on my website

Sales are slow they are trickling which is nice (though many were gifted as it was that time of the year!) and I’m getting good feedback which is a lovely ego boost too.

Before Christmas I submitted my answers to a blog post interview which went online on the 20th of January. It was nice having

Final getting published


My first publication is pending: World’s Apart – short story anthology, to be released on the 5th of December and available for pre-order now. Selfpublished through the AuthorHouse publishing company.

World’s Apart is a collection of 6 fantasy stories, many of which were created for the Twisted Tales competitions, or general entry – so it is exciting to finally see them in print and out to a wider audience! Many thanks for the group members for their support and feedback on those stories submitted to the group (and now removed).

Visit my website for full details; also available through the AuthorHouse bookshop and soon through Amazon and Barnes and Nobles as both a paperback and e-book.


So… where has the time gone! I’m trying to get myself organise, and figure that this journal will be a useful ‘Blog’ attempt for me and my developing marketing strategy and when did I last provide an entry?! Naughty.…

Though in my defence, it has been a very hectic few months. I started a new job in September with only 10 days notice (and a bank holiday weekend to boot), spent four weeks airbnb-ing on a boat, in a tent (my own very broken tent) and in some very nice homes too. All without much in the way of internet and computer. Each week was a new place, and each weekend I was travelling 300 round trip home to organise the following week and attempt a brief bit of house packing…

Then when I get a flat I transfer from one bnb and receive a delivery of random possessions from my parents (s


I’ve just received a collection of cards I ordered from Redbubble – all my own images that I want to use to market my site a little more (once I’ve figured out who to send them to!).

So pleased with how they look – thanks Redbubble for great quality cards; thanks to Bart Smudge and some musical instruments for posing so nicely. Very proud of these images, so well done me too!!! (Modest I know.)

Like buses

Hello! I don’t know if anyone outside the UK ever experiences this particular saying, but quite frequently you can wait for something to come and then several happen at once (like buses) don’t you find!…

So, this Monday I soft launched KMorral Fiction and Photography – setting up my own business (still sounds weird, when it is just me and not yet earning money from it!) on Facebook, Twitter and with my separate business Gmail account! Big steps, still not 100% sure I know what I’m doing – what to post/ talk about?! How to operate Twitter! How to find people I want to follow… all very confusing. I also have my first small anthology of Short Stories being proof read and prepared for self publishing by professional company. Uber exciting – though hard to select cover images for it!

Then also,

Market Research

So… as I continue to explore ways of earning a living, I am considering the self-employed (possibly partially) creative approach to actually put the millions of photos I take and words I scribble to some use… However, to do so properly, doing a bit of market research will help me target my starting point properly.

I would really appreciate it if you could help me out by completing the survey monkey questionnaire below (only 9 questions, two are really easy at the end, only so that I can get an idea of target audience) so it shouldn’t take more than a few moments. It is anonymous, and doesn’t require any comments – if you want to give them, please message me!

Thanks all so much in advance!

Market Research Survey

New Toy (borrowed)

So, as part of my exploration into going into a more creative line of work, I have borrowed a work colleague’s digital Bridge camera as my ‘point and click’ to explore upgrading my old Canon ‘point and click’ Powershot.…

Although I’m in the main sticking to the Auto function, with a few tweaks to the exposure and some of the function settings, I’m finding the images I’m getting are much better.

Same eye for the image, but quicker and better resolution when taken. So images I would have taken of the rabbits would previously have been blurred, or their legs as they move, I’m at least getting the rabbits in frame (even if they still move!). So, be prepared for a blast of new bigger images (and more shop options for them as a result!)… such as …

Back lit Blue Tit, which I am particularly prou

Sales push

So… with changing fortunes in FT work, I am taking the opportunity to change my direction.…

I trained to be an architect, and lost out to the recession. I After only 8 months unemployment (even then with sporadic temp/ bar work) I landed an administrative role that has kept me busy for the last six years… But I am not at heart an administrator – I need that creativity and variety that design can give.

So here is the plan.
*Try to find PT ‘regular’ work (ideally in an architectural, design or environmental field…. any one have any gaps :-D).
*Properly Develop, promote and benefit from the opportunities available through Redbubble. This will mean more playing with photography and other creations I can sell here.
*Explore the options for selling my work in shops (I’m taking some of my musical

Spring Clean

It has been an age since I have properly focused on Redbubble, and I feel it is time I took things in hand again. I want to control, manage and plan my account – review what I offer and hopefully develop my creativity (and ideally sales!) again.

To do this I will reduce my group management, my group membership and severely reduce my portfolio. This will take some time, but hopefully this will be a breath of fresh air that will set me up for some good creative habits for the rest of the year.

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