This is a rush post as I forgot to to do yesterday!

I’m off on a weeks holiday/ retreat to Derbyshire after work tonight, so will be away from RB..hoping to get lots of editing and relaxing done…if I get there (so far we have had the first snow of the season, which is so much earlier than the typical Feb snow we have had for the past few years!)

I will no doubt miss loads of fab posts, so consider this a great work everyone!

Must dash, got last minute re-packing to do! (One day I will get organised)

Weekend away

To let y’all know that I’m away from the Internet for the next few days (which actually isn’t unusual for a weekend) but this will extend to Monday evening so three whole days without being able to catch up the great uploads I have no doubt will roll onto the screen!

Happy bubbling all- I’m getting back into architecture albeit in a small way!

Finally getting more time

Well, having finally got my weekends back- 3 months of working 7 days a week was a bit much, even with the odd weekend off. So, now with sunday and MOnday Off, I get sorting time!

So, today is step one of Redbubble sort- I have removed quite a lot of images, though I want to have a thorough clean out to 150 images, and got to less than 200, it is getting tricky. There was also that small matter of my new uploads- I have lots more, but tried not to overload everyone’s watchlist activity sheet- sorry if I’ve been getting close.

Tomorrow I think I will have a writing sort, I have been adding and adding and not reducing, so that there is rather a lot to wade through…

Plus all the other things I need to finish sorting, like job applications, my photo filing system, finishing my room and so on!

Making my way

I am getting myself increasingly frustrated with myself as I edit the second draft of (probably many) the novel I am supposed to be working on. It has lain abandoned and partially investigated for too long, so I am making a concerted effort to take bits to work for lunch time work as I redbubble…and twist and of course all the other things I squeeze into the half hour after the food before I start work again.…

Why, when there are so many fabulous pphrases and words available to compose exhilerating actions/descriptions/ sentences, do I insist on repeating arguably one of the dullest…‘He/they made/make/making his/their way…’!

He could glide, stride, ease, stomp, storm, flee, run, walk, sashay, ….argh the list is quite long…so why am I getting bored of circling the repetition!

I guess this i

Wary hope

It may be a little early for this, but I am moderatly intriguied by something I received in the post yesterday. I have entered the Trowell and District Writers guild competition for the past N number of years, and each time have received a certificate saying thank you for your entry, your story was not shortlisted for one of the winning places, but has been granted the mark of (disctinction, pass…or whatever the other categories are).

This year, however, I haven’t had one of those. I’m not sure what to make of it…if they have changed their system (which is possible) or if it means something more positive…I won’t know until the first weekend of OCtober when they have their awards ceremony…


Fingers crossed….

Draft 2

Well…finally…second novel second draft is typed up! After battling extra levels of work, and oil covered pages, I have got there! Only eight more drafts to go. Just managed to get it done by my self imposed end of July deadline

Also a pity that for the second month I have missed my NYResolution competition entry goal…and considering that for the one I get regular up dates on was novel month! Grrr… ah well. Like buses, everything comes together doesn’t it?!

What a week

Well…at the tail end of last week I learned I have got myself a summer job in a theological college where I have previously worked…and I start in exactly a weeks time. Fabulous in terms of my fund, but a little more fraught then intended for my writing! I had hoped to finish the typing up of my second novel first so I could proof read and continue the editing process! I just need to sort out some disipline and a bit of routine in which to do so…(This may reduce my Redbubble time, but not my commitment to it…I shall find my routine and get on daily!)…

This week I have also intended to measure the house and garden whilst my parents area away so that I can make them a couple of images for their anniversary for October. This is already proving tricky on my own, and I have barely started, and w


At long last I have finished the first draft of novel number three, with five days to go to the end of my own personal deadline. Whilst slightly over my intended word limit, and later than intended, I can sit back, return to typing up the second draft of my second, and hope that editting will improve the areas I don’t think are all that clear!


Manic few days

Arrrgh Just when I think i’m getting close to a conclusino on the novel, giving me time to regroup and reorganise myself a bit better, things all happen at once…don’t they always.…

So I’m going to have to appologise to all and sundrey for seemingly avoiding my group moderation- though I will try to do so when I can- and not commenting on no doubt the fabulous images that you will all produce. I have been called in fairly last minute to work at the bar I spend my weekend lunchtimes working at this evening, which has been extended into this afternoon…Then tomorrow my usual shift whilst thankfully being cut short, my evening (which was supposed to be a social party) working at a different bar- the perils of being a temp. Therefore the afternoon I was going to achieve something has no been red


Ok, so here was me thinking that there are benefits to my loosing my job- namely that it would give me time to get myself (filing system, computer files, pictures etc) organised, and more writing done….Ha!…

What a silly idea…its been 6 months now, and whilst I have been writing, and have gained a part time job and occassional shifts to help bring in the money, and make living at home slightly easier, as for being organised….hmmm, that has yet to happen. My room is in a dispicable state, and I think I’ve even given the creative chaos to a bad name- I hate it, but don’t know where to start and I seem to be sliding steadily downhill as far as this is concerned….This weekend, when the folk are out, I think I must do something about it…I must be brave- wish me luck!

As for writing, yes I am pro

New Group

Well…after months of muttering, I have finally got myself my own group to run! Nottingham and its Shire is open and accepting members to learn about, share experiences of and celebrate …well, precicsely what it says on the tin. Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, in the middle of England.

With the kind help of Geoff Curtis, we will be setting up challenges and (perhaps) meetings when the group has a few more members…So please, stop by, have a nosy and if you have anything to contribute please do not hesitate to join us! Oh, and do feel free to share the news! There is more to Nottingham than Robin Hood, but he certainly is a great attraction we will never turn away! Come along and find out for yourself all that Nottingham has to offer in inspiration and creative folk!

cursed internet

Apologies to any who are expecting further information or assistance from me. We are having internet problems atm, and am currently about to run out of time at the library…that and I am hjuggling a few bar shifts so can’t always access the university libraries…

Many apologies, I will do my utmost to return to hosting duties/ commenting/ voting as soon as I possibly can!

Argh memory like a seive

Don’t you just hate it (you might guess that I do) when you come up with a brilliant saying, or little snippet to apply to your cards/ stories/ responses but by the time you come to make note you forget them?!

You always get them at the most inappropriate times…I got mine on the walk back to my computer from the loo, a lovely silly statement for a new character to declare to a newly discovered love interest which would raise his eyebrows and her colour and hopefully add some humour to the piece…and now I’m reaching the part where I should intsert it guess what….My mind has gone that useless blank colour…grrrr….I should have written it down the minute I got back! One day I will learn,


Oh the irony, of logging on this morning to check my challenge, to discover that I have won the hosting group’s layers challenge. My first challenge win!

…however, because it was my challenge in the first place, I was asked (quite rightly and fairly I believe) to select the second place winner for the various linked tributes/ banner practice….

At least there is hope for another time, and it certainly made my morning! Especially when I figured out the clickable link instructions! lol

2 years!

Well, where does the time go- it seems like only a short while a go I wrote my one year summary, and now I’m onto my two year!…

I’m still waiting on my first sale, but I am having a ball on here, great comments on my writing and images are giving me fantastic boosts, so I can hope, fingers crossed, that this will be the year of either a competition win (I am counting the writing ones I have entered off site) or a sale….:-P

And of course, happy birthday Redbubble!


What a fantastic welcome to redbubble I got this afternoon, when in checking my developments I note that my latest written piece Resolution has been featured on the home page! I am thrilled, this is only my second home page item, and the first piece of writing! And for a short piece I am particularly pleased with!

Thank You Redbubble!

Short story discovery

I am not often brought to tears. Powerful music is my weakness. But in reading a recent winner of the Global Short Story competition for Novemeber, they rose unbidden to my eyes.…

Jonathon Elsom’s “A word with the elf” tells such a heart warming tale with such clear characterisation, that I just wanted to hug the main characters!

His tale follows an elderly actor in his role as santa claus, detailing his life with his old dog until the tragic day a scooter steals his companion from him. The young neighbour who had delighted in teacing the elderly terrir watched the events unfold, and confesses her misbehaviour to santa the following week.

Sadly this is his only work that I can find online, but I advise anyone to read it, and to keep an eye out for him in future- I know I will.

Global Short

Back Up, back up, back up

Another new years resolution that could be of great import I have now realised, is actually taking the time to get myself organised (a promise I made to myself on loosing my job that I have barely scratched the surface of), in arranging my files, clearing my external hard drive, and (of course) backing things up.…

As most probably could, or perhaps should admit to, I got lazy, and with the added misfortunae of limited funds for that extra back up device/s…haven’t got round to it.

However, I have just had a major shock and with pounding heart have realised the problem- I haven’t lost everything like I though I had, but have been jolted into buying that extra device, and some dvds.

Last week, I plugged my external hard drive (which actually became my off loading device, as I cleared things f

Competition no. 1

So far in starting a year afresh, I have failed with at least two of my resolutions/ aims…always a good start.…

I have, however, made progress with my creative one: I targetted this time of current unemployment, whilst I am surviving on the grace of my parents (something I am eternally grateful to have, and I do contribute to- I’m not quite a charity case yet!), to make the most of my writing, and kick start myself towards publication…I have the time, so here we go.

As a result, I have entered my first professional (if I can say that…by which I mean non redbubble, and non writing club competition) competition, which actually has cash and agent discussion prizes!!! Whilst I’m not entirely overly positive about my piece, it is a step in the write (couldn’t resist) direction. I chose one of t

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