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Making the Effort

OVer the last few months I have found myself drifted away from Redbubble as other commitments have been forefront in my mind. This is a shame as the works on here are inspirational and deserve a bit of time and acknowledgement.

However, my committments aren’t drying up (although now that the Olympics have finished, I have received all of my training and spent 10 days of hard holiday work in a phenomenal atmosphere there is less planning for that). So, my near future plans include blitzing my portfolio, and having a think about who’s work I really want to follow. You are all fabulous people but I can’t investigate all of it! It would take me too long!

As the autumn draws in, and I would like to think my usual work load eases too (ahem) I am starting to think about increasing the scope and value of my creative work – I have written to a Literary agent and a local Publisher as I contemplate turning the words I enjoy creating into something that brings in some funds.

The problem as always is that I have lots of plans, but no (or little) time to develop them. So this autumn I shall sit down and do some proper reflection on the options so that next year I can make a determined step to getting somewhere!

Fingers crossed that my ‘return’ to regular Redbubble updates will be soon and profitable.

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