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New YEar, New Aims

So… the time has flown again- can’t believe we have reached the third day of 2012 already! I have decided that resolutions are probably not to be made this year, as I have an odd tendancy of breaking them (and may already have done so!). Instead, I have set myself aims- much of which are the same as last year…

more writing (I must finish this draft of my novel, maybe start editing my other novel and ideally get a fourth draft edit on this one, and perhaps get round to finishing a few more short stories and other bits)…

more arty (sketch, draw and paint in the Sketchbook project, if it ever arrives, and complete image ideas that are in my head- make room for more perhaps)…

more organisation (I must keep my paper journal going, get photos labelled, double saved and up loaded on here more frequently)…

more prompt (I need to get out of bed at the first alram, and resist the urge to hit snooze and get back in bed, though so far not working)…

more communication (letters are great and should be sent more, and telephones are not my enemies and can be used more)…

more will power (I will not linger too long downstairs with the TV on when there are jobs to do, I must get out on my bike at least once however briefly in a week)

and I must make the most of opportunities- the Olympics are coming, my finances are in a fairly decent state and house prices are dropping and somewhere out there is an architectural job waiting for my application.

Hmmm, not too much to aim for at all! Perhaps I should get started on this right away!


  • Alenka Co
    Alenka Coabout 3 years ago

    My head is spinning, just reading what you intend to do ….. may all the best come your way ….. with such energy and resolve, how could it not :)

  • It’s alright, my head is spinning too! Lets see how much I manage by the end of the year…

    – KMorral

  • homeartist
    homeartistabout 3 years ago

    Just came upon your corner in the bubble. Do you really intend to do all that ? I thought resolutions are for trying and giving up, at least in my case. Nice write.

  • I aim to do it, yes, but may or may not – we shall see. Have already missed one weekend of cycling… sssshh… and as for prompt getting out of bed, well that is a laugh… but I’m trying and getting more arty things done so I think on the whole by aiming rather than resoluting I may make it.

    Thank you :-)

    – KMorral