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Stapleford, United Kingdom

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Book Review

I recently visited a local Derbyshire tradition – the Well Dressing. The Dance group I belong to has regularly been involved demonstrating for West Hallam, and this year was no exception. Amongst the stalls raising funds for charities by selling bird boxes/ scented bits an craft stalls was a local authress selling her first novel.

Although passing at a run, I had to stop and I was sold on the idea of buying it as it is a fantasy – right up my alley. Bigger boon for the day, was her signature – even though mid tae kwon do demonstration!

Ashes by Stephanie Harbon is a must read in my opinion! Gripping drama and vivid descriptions occupied by some very gritty and believable characters.

Beginning in Cumbria, UK, the story follows the adventures of Ruby as strangers visit her…

Making the Effort

OVer the last few months I have found myself drifted away from Redbubble as other commitments have been forefront in my mind. This is a shame as the works on here are inspirational and deserve a bit of time and acknowledgement.

However, my committments aren’t drying up (although now that the Olympics have finished, I have received all of my training and spent 10 days of hard holiday work in a phenomenal atmosphere there is less planning for that). So, my near future plans include blitzing my portfolio, and having a think about who’s work I really want to follow. You are all fabulous people but I can’t investigate all of it! It would take me too long!

As the autumn draws in, and I would like to think my usual work load eases too (ahem) I am starting to think about increas…


I shall be away for the next week as I am endeavouring to cycle the TransPenine Trail in the UK – from Southport on the West Coast to Hornsea on the East. This is 215 miles (or there abouts) of opld railway tracks, river side paths and tow paths along canals. I’m hoping that this means reasonable terrain, even if I do have the Penines to cross!

Hopefully, there will be a journal to upload with some fascinating insights into my madness, and possibly some great photos too – although the weather isn’t looking great for this!

I won’t be around to comment on any of your incredible work – so please take it as reaed that I will! And likewise to thank any who comments on my own.

I shall see you all on the other side!

New YEar, New Aims

So… the time has flown again- can’t believe we have reached the third day of 2012 already! I have decided that resolutions are probably not to be made this year, as I have an odd tendancy of breaking them (and may already have done so!). Instead, I have set myself aims- much of which are the same as last year…

more writing (I must finish this draft of my novel, maybe start editing my other novel and ideally get a fourth draft edit on this one, and perhaps get round to finishing a few more short stories and other bits)…

more arty (sketch, draw and paint in the Sketchbook project, if it ever arrives, and complete image ideas that are in my head- make room for more perhaps)…

more organisation (I must keep my paper journal going, get photos labelled, double saved…


Hmmm, I am having a look at a bit of an upload session, but I am confused. Where has the portfolio option gone? Am I overlooking it? (Highly possible)- new Chapters of my Robin Hood murder written last year are up, and need to be added to the rest of them for easy reference…. but I can’t get them there. Any suggstions anyone?

Biting the bullet

At the end of August, I discovered a delightful small theatre group in Manchester (with my brother) set up in a small shop. In itself it was quite a unique experience- we were passing to buy my (late) birthday present and got gathered into a special free half hour event to celebrate Manchester day. The half hour was a treat of music and poetry, but an insight into the world of the tiny charitable theatre called the Three Minute Theatre, leading to an invite to the evening’s final show of that particular arrangement.

Having watched the evenings delightful collection of short, hilarious, plays I was immediatly struck with three possible plays I could write for such a group. I managed to write two of thew ideas down as I stopped in a pub with my brother (where I promptly lost three gam…


Well, logging on to check my email today has delivered a ridiculous grin that will probably stay on my face for the rest of the day, if not longer! I have been emailed (via my bubblesite) to ask if my photo ‘Nottingham Slap Square’
can be used (with credit) as a Professional Woman’s magazine front cover here in the East Midlands!

All I need to do is check that I have it in a suitable size!

The mag looks cocher to me- indeed it looks quite a good one for women in the Nottingham area (hey, whats a little bit of counter support, esp if it means that I will get my image out in here!)

Here it is: (hopefully)

Whoop :-D


Dashing out a last minute journal in haste as I prepare to run a bath and pretend to get an early night!¬ I’m heading off at 6am UK time tomorrow morning (Sunday) which I had thought was just a horrid little made uip time that didn’t exist…but apparently it does. on the plus side, we should get a really quiet drive most of the morning!

Heading up to Scotland, and leaving my laptop with any hope of internet connection on here in Notts, so my appearances here this week will be even rarer than they are turning into at the moment- in so much as they should be non existant!

I hope I’ll be able to catch up on all the fabulous work…but for all those groups I host, fellow hosts and contributing artists I shall see you all on the other side- hopefully with a great tal…


Well…this year is starting to go from strength to strength. Two more sales! and two experessions of interest…just when I start thinking of investigating the speed dating scene (maybe this isn’t the time or place, but I’m in that kind of mood.)

However…maybe I’m in a bit of a self concious mood, but it strikes me as odd that an image I am starting to look at with a critical eye and seeing too much black (therefore poor overall composition) is seeming so popular!

Water under the bridge

However, this does not distract from the hope that this is going to be a successful year…maybe I will get more of the writing done that I hope for…maybe there will be ….maybe…

I’m not even sure that this means anything…random journal for …

Spring Clean

With two (whoop) sales under my belt, this I would like to think is going to be a good year for me…but I’m not going to assume, and aim to be more proactive with my piccys this year…so I’m going to have a heck of a spring clean. New images have already gone up, and I aim for more on a weekly basis…especially if I manage to get my filing system finalised and sorted this year :-)

If any of your faves go, sorry- let me know and I will re-instate them.

Then of course there is the writing, but that will be sorted next week…cut the waffle from the reams of pages I am building up!