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Fantasty Worlds

Written and created works of fantasy

Dragon Terror The problem was, I wasn’t sure what I was waiting for. I could smell it, yet couldn’t identify it. I could hear it still, breathing somewhe… The end of the trail “I need a partner.” “What better partner than the one who comes searching for me?” Blind werewolf date really wish she would try setting me up, it wastes time and makes me seem an ungrateful bitch!” / “You mean you aren’t?” Susie chuckled Mistaken Identity “What metal?” / “Z…z…z…zinc.” / “Zinc?” I snorted. “What the hell good is Zinc?” Circus moving on The circus with its daring exploits, bright colours, and outrageous clowns …seemed inexplicably attractive. Portrait Alexander pressed forward … I fought the urge to step back at his approach, refusing to be dominated. Resolution The thud of the key turning in the lock sent Clara further down into her chair, as the hinges creaked to admit the visitor. Secret beginnings Josie added shivering and moaning to her whimpering and I found myself starting to regret agreeing. I had thought it folly to begin with, b… Crests The flag fluttered, dancing in the gentle breeze that wound its way through the multi-coloured tents. Billowing fabrics in red Haunted Through the dancing flames, she smiled in spite of herself as she watched the huddled figures of the family flee, coughing and spluttering,… Deal “They’ve got more to worry about than you Deal.” She chuckled maliciously to herself, and Deal nuzzled Paranoia? Version 1 Dear Diary… / Things have just got so much worse! Halloween horror She had vanished, only her bag remaining on the pavement, the contents still settling to the ground. Paul approached looking round wildly. … Apparition by KMorral Fishsing “You don’t spelling fishing with two s’s honey.” / “You don’t?” Tom looked down baffled. “But that isn’t fishing, that’s fishsing.” Wisdom by KMorral