K. Martinez is an artist in Texas who lives with her husband, a cat, and an overactive imagination. The cat belongs to her husband. The overactive imagination is her own.

Her interests include mythology and folklore; theology, mysticism, and the occult; anthropology with a focus on the folklore, art, and religions of cultures; quantumn physics and astrobiology; crochet; gardening, with a particular fondness for growing vegetables; video games; and nearly everything else she comes across. She loves to learn new things simply for the experience of having learned them, and her variety of interests have a great influence on how she sees the world and approaches her art.

You can connect with her on Google+ or follow her work through her official Facebook page .
You can also find her work in these online stores – Everyday Myth for fantasy and folklore with a whimsically mundane twist; and Graphic Content by Rosa Amarilla, where “Graphic” refers to pictures and it is quite work safe and family-friendly.

  • Joined: April 2011

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