*Why i love my horse Hector*

Why I love my horse Hector!

My apologies now if some of you find this boring!
Most non horsey people think I am nuts when I talk about my Hector and how much I love him to bits, and I always try and explain why, but they still don’t get it!
They ask why I keep horses – so below I shall try and explain why !!!!

Set the scene:
I keep Hector on a DIY livery yard in the middle of very busy towns/cities Slough and Wexham in Buckinghamshire. To ride we have to do road work on very busy roads with lorry’s, cars, buses etc etc or a small bit of road work which then takes us to two country parks.
In the winter nights we have an outdoor sand school, or some tracks around the edge of the fields on the livery yard to ride on. (riding by moon light as the tracks are not lit up)

Why I love Hector so much:
He is handsome, kind, clumsy sometimes! He is my shadow and follows me around.
He trusts me and I trust him. He is always pleased to see me.
He loves water and splashing around in lakes, streams and rivers. He will continuously splash with one leg then stop and splash with the other!

I was riding the other night after work around the tracks, and it was a very dark night, but I felt so safe with him, he does not flinch or spook at anything. He has better night vision than me!!
When we are doing road work – he does not have any issues what so ever with noisy buses or large noisy lorry’s driving by him (sometimes they get to close for my liking!)
Hector will walk at or through anything I point him at. We use him as the ‘trainer’ for any young, nervous, spooky horses – they watch him do it and then they generally follow on ok!
Hector is now 10, we got him when he was 4 – unfortunately before me we think some gypsy’s had him and he was beat, as every time you went near his back end he would flinch and run away from you, if you picked up a broom and you was near him he would try to run and back away from you. Now he does not bat an eye lid at any of this at all. He loves cuddles and having the underneath of his tale scratched.

I could go on for ages but will not! I hope if any non horsey people read this it gives you an insight into why we love and protect our horses as much as we do, and that they are kind, clever, sensitive, strong animals.


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