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*Why i love my horse Hector*

Why I love my horse Hector!

My apologies now if some of you find this boring!
Most non horsey people think I am nuts when I talk about my Hector and how much I love him to bits, and I always try and explain why, but they still don’t get it!
They ask why I keep horses – so below I shall try and explain why !!!!

Set the scene:
I keep Hector on a DIY livery yard in the middle of very busy towns/cities Slough and Wexham in Buckinghamshire. To ride we have to do road work on very busy roads with lorry’s, cars, buses etc etc or a small bit of road work which then takes us to two country parks.
In the winter nights we have an outdoor sand school, or some tracks around the edge of the fields on the livery yard to ride on. (riding by moon light as the tracks are not lit up)

Why I love H…

Help - links to your own work, other members work etc

Hello fellow RB’s

Can someone please explain to me how you add the links to work, other RB members?
I have seen when work has been loaded, you add links to other items of your own work or a sample of your work say as a card etc etc.

But i dont know how to do any of this?
Hope i have made myself clear and someone can help.